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The platform enables users to manage their rights under a single account, sometimes linked to different contributions to various projects.
Financial contributions are fairly regular, proving that the public is aware of the need to support creative work.

ALLERAT Frédéric/Fred Alera75116 PARIS

The GAIAR platform enables me to promote my work as a novelist and to discover other artists in a wide range of creative fields; my authors' rights are greatly simplified by the distribution methods implemented by GAIAR; I set the amount of remuneration I want myself.

GAIAR provides direct support for artists, and when you consider that authors are the last link in the book chain, you realise the extent to which the platform restores consideration and dignity to this profession.

Julie Nakache16000 Angoulême

What interests me most about the GAIAR platform is the independent label. It brings us closer to the models we defend, towards less hegemonic practices of the big platforms like YouTube.

The overall environment, being on a platform that mainly registers pro media and therefore a more targeted referencing, less drowned in the mass and incoherence of information of a YouTube.

Samuel Offredi / Magna Vox21000 Dijon

I like working with Gaiar because it is a very intersting platform that could potentially grow and become an amazing place to showcase music, art, writing, etc, all in a secure and responsible way.

Troy Von BalthazarL.A and France

There's a human dimension to this site, where you can get in touch with the team very quickly. The design is beautiful and from a financial point of view you feel that you won't be exploited as an artist. Our rights are taken into consideration and protected.

Nathalie DuongParis

The Gaiar platform enables works to be distributed widely and instantaneously. Thanks to the author protection system, we can choose the price of access to our works. What's more, there's real feedback, as we can manage the sharing of our content, and track the graphs showing 'reader' access to our books in real time. It's also the assurance that your work will be shared and valued by the platform on the networks, and that you'll feel supported.

Philomène Follet16700 Ruffec

GAIAR's interests are many and varied, and I will briefly outline them in no particular order:

  1. (re)giving a new life to "old" texts previously published in collections or articles.

  2. The possibility of publishing what you want in a free way (no reading committee),
  3. light" (no intermediaries) and immediate (few constraints).

  4. Discovering and meeting other authors and artists.

  5. GAIAR is a rare site that awakens and encourages curiosity, opening the door to creative activities that are more or less well known.

  6. The choice and freedom for authors to be paid or not.

Pierre J. Truchot16000 Angoulême

I'm just a spectator on GAIAR.

GAIAR is a platform for referencing artists' work and paying them directly. I discovered GAIAR during the confinement thanks to the videos " The Containment Frog" videos. Having loved the person's work, I thought it was normal to give money. The platform is clear, simple and effective.

It allowed me to discover other artists. I really like it.

Amandine Pierre33000 Bordeaux

The advantage we find in GAIAR is that we can manage all our media from the same platform: digital books, interview videos, comic readings, clips, etc. We can also place these monetisable players on our website and sponsor them on social networks. We can also place these monetisable players on our website and sponsor them on social networks.

This multimedia player, which can be exported and monetised, is very practical.

Playlists of several types of media are also a good tool, particularly for press kits.

Jérôme Brachet / Eidola16000 Angouleme