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Manage, protect & distribute all your creations.

An environment dedicated to the protection, management and distribution of works and content in all media.

With powerful tools such as certified time stamping of documents, creation of NFT minted or lazy minted, scheduling of your broadcasts, payment of your content or subscription to your channels in cryptocurrency or Fiat currency, and many other tools; GAIAR is a SaaS platform in tune with its time.







An overview of the features available to you

All the features

On the one hand GAIAR STUDIO is a management back office

GAIAR STUDIO allows you to create your own channels of broadcasting of works and contents with multiple access to a single account, the automated sharing of your earnings, the editorialization of your categories, the broadcasting of lives or e-cinema sessions, an associated ticketing service, the emission of NFT to sell your works, to value your contents or to develop the loyalty of your audience… GAIAR STUDIO is a toolbox that helps you to increase the revenues of all your creations.

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On the other hand, GAIAR is a social network

With already more than 100 000 users, features anchored in our daily use of the web such as a multi-support player (video, audio, text & image), likes, comments, a public or private chat during lives, sharing to other networks, following or subscribing to channels you like and more, your contents find new audiences on GAIAR.

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Some details about GAIAR

An overview of frequently asked questions about the platform, for more details and answers, the FAQ can be found below.


GAIAR Commission

With a Start, Plus or Advanced subscription, get 100% of your earnings back.


Where are the crypto-assets ?

GAIAR does not store your NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

Our API, your use

You can rent our API or benefit from a subscription tailored to your company.

More features ?

Don’t hesitate to suggest new features.

What about exclusivity ?

No exclusivity on GAIAR; it’s your content, you can distribute it on any other platform.

Hybrid payment

Donate, subscribe, rent or buy works and content with or without crypto-wallet.