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With GAIAR Studio, create your own on-demand content channel.

GAIAR Studio est la partie créative et technique de la plateforme.
C’est ici que vous trouverez une boîte à outils complète et précise afin de créer, diffuser, distribuer et monétiser vos oeuvres et contenus.

Découvrez en détail les diverses fonctionnalités que GAIAR vous propose.
Player, création, blockchain, communication et plus encore sont au programme afin de vous apporter une solution la plus exhaustive possible.


  • Multimedia player
    A player capable of integrating video, audio, image and text content, exportable anywhere.
  • Multi-media playlist
    Create video, audio, image and text playlists.
  • Teaser
    Share a teaser of your upcoming content in video, audio, image or text format.
  • Album / catalog
    Create an album or a catalog containing several types of content (video, audio, image, text).
  • Schedule the distribution of your content
    Put your contents and works online at the best time on your social networks, your GAIAR channel, your blog, your commercial site, private link, etc…
  • Video quality
    Up to 4K format.
  • Audio Quality
    Encode to FLAC/MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF.
  • Photo quality
    Scan your originals.
  • Subtitles
    Upload multilingual SRT files.


  • Intellectual property deposit on blockchain
    Time-stamp one or more content at a time on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain.
  • Decentralized transactions
    Choose to use GAIAR only with your cryptowallet if you wish.
  • NFT
    Buy, sell and/or create NFTs of collectible works; combine them with your content launch campaigns to build loyalty and reward your audience.
  • Lazy minting
    Register your content or artwork on the blockchain at the time of purchase by the buyer of your NFT.
  • Exploitation license
    Create NFTs and rent the use of your works to third parties for a defined period.
  • NFT Marketplace
    Sell your NFTs directly on GAIAR.


  • Channels on the GAIAR network
    Create one or more channels dedicated to your content (video, audio, image, text).
  • Channels on url companyname/
    (contact us)

    Disassociate your broadcast from the GAIAR network.
  • Channels on your own url with your own design
    (contact us)
    Broadcast in white label.
  • Chromecast
    With the Google accessory or via a smart TV.
  • Airplay
    On an Apple TV or a smart TV.
  • Geo-blocking
    Choose a defined geographical area to broadcast your content.
  • Responsive
    Browse GAIAR with PC or Mac :
    Smart TV, computers, smartphones, tablets.
  • Live Streaming
    Create live events and interact with your community via chat or private rooms.
  • E-cinema
    Schedule live movie screenings.


  • Cash and/or cryptocurrency (Ether or Matic)
    Users have the option to pay you either by CB or by cryptowallet, if you have one as well.
  • Monetization models
    Set up various types of monetization for your content, donation, rental, subscription, purchase by download, free price, minimum price…
  • Free content
    Offer users free content on your channel.
  • Promo code
    Set up promotional codes.
  • Ticketing
    Sell tickets for your live events or e-cinema.
  • Share your winnings
    Automatically distribute your winnings to several beneficiaries.
  • Priority corridor
    Define the amount of priority revenue to be sent to one or more beneficiaries.
  • Paying subscription to your channels
    Define yourself the access price to your channels.
  • Wallet
    Get an instant read on your fiat currency earnings.
  • Crypto wallet
    Connect your crypto wallet to your GAIAR account to get your cryptocurrency payments immediately.
  • Earnings and donations
    With a paid subscription, get 100% of your earnings back (GAIAR charges its commission on top of your sales price including VAT). Recover 82% of your donations (GAIAR charges an 18% commission on the donations you get).


  • Multiple account access
    Work with multiple people on a single account depending on your number of licenses.
  • Multiple channels
    Manage multiple channels from a single account.
  • Statistics
    Access a complete follow-up of your account statistics, your audiences and your content.
  • Editorialization
    Partition your channel by thematic section.
  • Account statement
    Get an overview of all your financial transactions (fiduciary and crypto).


  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
    Enable two-factor authentication to protect your account from unauthorized access.
  • Password protection
    Require your audience to enter a password to access your work and content.
  • Unique link(s)
    Share links that do not appear in search engines. Single or multiple use, limited or unlimited, password protection for these links.
  • HLS protocol
    Segmentation of the video stream.
  • Restricted access to certain content
    Broadcasting reserved for your paying subscribers.