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Selling content online

Selling content online has always been a challenge for creators. Between protecting intellectual property, fighting piracy, fierce competition and myriad middlemen nibbling away at profits, the obstacles can seem insurmountable. Fortunately, GAIAR, an innovative blockchain platform, is here to change the game in 2023.

GAIAR: Reducing intermediaries, maximizing profits

GAIAR, an innovative blockchain platform, offers a solution to these challenges. By reducing the number of intermediaries, GAIAR enables creators to retain a larger share of the revenues generated by the sale of their content.

On GAIAR, the rights holder(s) controlling the exploitation of a work or content is entitled to 100% of the revenues generated by the sale of this work or content. GAIAR charges its commission, VAT and bank charges above the creator’s desired selling price, offering unprecedented transparency in the sales process.

In addition to this favorable commission structure, GAIAR offers tools for creating and managing intelligent contracts. These contracts enable designers to precisely define the distribution of earnings between all parties involved. They also facilitate the management of tax and social security obligations.


In 2023, thanks to GAIAR, creators can finally overcome the challenges of selling content online. Thanks to the reduction of intermediaries, a transparent commission structure and innovative revenue management tools, GAIAR offers a revolutionary solution for content monetization. To find out more about GAIAR and discover how this platform can help you, visit

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